Welcome to my adventures in life on the autism spectrum!

I’m Connor T. Please join me on my journey as I navigate the world as an independent  young adult living with an autism spectrum disorder. I am a pianist, vocalist, percussionist, and photographer attending Berkshire Hills Music Academy in South Hadley, MA. I have recently become a member of the Doug Flutie Foundation for Autism and you can find me taking photos at their events! I love books, movies, music, fitness, travel and so much more!  I would love to share my spectrum inspired thoughts, photographs and experiences with you!

Nobska Lighthouse, Falmouth, MA
Singing and playing the piano are my passions!
I love to perform!

Forest 101

Hey Everyone. This winter, I have been out taking nature photos, and I have all the photos from last week right here on display. I even captured some wildlife photos as well. I used my zoom lens to shoot close up images of the ducks and birds. You also can see here a reflection photo of trees on the pond. I also managed to find some vibrant red colors which is hard to come across in the winter time. So, have a look!


Architecture: It’s a must

Hello, Everyone. Welcome to another photography blog post. Today, I’ll be discussing photos I took last week from South Hadley’s Village Commons. A few of the photos I took consist entirely of architectural structure and design. So enjoy every photo one by one. What I really like about these photos is how they were designed properly. Examples like that column in the form of a spiral. I like the different patterns I see on each building.

IMG_4494IMG_4506IMG_4513IMG_4534IMG_4548Berkshire Hills Music Academy

Talkin’ bout architecture

Hey everyone, I took a lot of photos of architecture and sculptures at Mt. Holyoke College. I was interested in doing this sort of thing, because as a young man, I have seen many old houses and buildings that have a lot of design and patterns on the exterior. My personal interest of architecture also stems from visiting Europe, and being dazzled by the unique looking buildings. I’m excited to share my photos with you, and I’m looking forward to exploring this side of photography more in the future. Enjoy!IMG_3452IMG_3454IMG_3765IMG_3775IMG_3781IMG_3792IMG_3794IMG_3810IMG_3811IMG_3915IMG_3918IMG_3447IMG_3442IMG_3428IMG_3412IMG_3403IMG_3400IMG_3396

My Nantucket Adventure

So, Just last week, my Cousin Neil got married, and we celebrated his wedding on Nantucket. I’ve never been, so this was my first time going, and I was excited! I arrived back in Framingham safe and sound, and my parents helped me pack for my big trip. The morning we packed our trunk for Nantucket. We drove all the way to Hyannis where we got on a ship that took us away from Cape Cod and directly to the island. It was a smooth ride. Once we arrived, I smiled knowing that this adventure was gonna be exciting. All the sights and sounds of a new place I never visited in my life before would give me a chance to capture some travel photography.

Now let me show you everything I photographed during my vacation.

IMG_2580.jpgNow this is what I took the day of the wedding before the wedding started. Mom and I were strolling downtown, and spotted a funny statue of Einstein peddling a bike. I thought it would be fun to take a picture of it.

IMG_2616Bird in flight. This bird soars three inches above the ocean wave crashing in the sand. I took this picture one day after the wedding ended.


Another photo from the beach I took of this long jetty. A jetty is a structure that connects the land out into the water.


A Special Olympic Tribute

Hello. I would like to talk about an event I attended/photographed recently. This special olympics event was dedicated to a kind and active young man with special needs. His name is Zachary Sydney. What happened there was pretty sad but also very enjoyable. It was a nice tribute to this man. Zachary competed in SOMA basketball, and track and field. I feel happy I was able to capture some of that Special Event for him. Take a look at some of my photos from the day.

Photographing the 2019 Falmouth Road Race as a Flutie Fellow

According to the Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for Autism website,  Flutie Fellows:

Are young adults with autism who have been invited to work with the Flutie Foundation in support of the following objectives: Pursue career opportunities and related life goals. Promote respect, inclusion, and opportunities for all people with autism. Serve as ambassadors for Flutie Foundation.

Sunday, August 18th was the day of the 2019 Falmouth Road Race. As a Flutie Fellow, my job was to take pictures of the runners who ran to support the Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for Autism, (Dougie’s Team), and also to take pictures of my two other Flutie Fellows. They are Kyle Grossman, who is from Fresno California, and Andrew Roberts, who lives in Northborough, MA. Kyle is a marathon runner, while Andrew is a sports reporter. And because I’m a photographer, my job was to take pictures of the runners and Kyle and Andrew in action.

Andrew finish line.JPG
My photo of sports reporter and Flutie Fellow Andrew Roberts reporting from the Finish Line.

Andrew was broadcasting live from the Finish Line, and his job is to interview both Kyle and I. Before the race had started, Andrew interviewed me twice, asking me which runner I’m looking forward to taking a picture of.

There were tens of thousands of runners from all corners of the globe and from other foundations, but I had my mind set on capturing Kyle as he crossed the Finish line! As Kyle crossed the finish line, I was ready for my moment. I took the picture of Kyle’s happy face as his fans applauded.

_Kyle finish line_small.jpg
My photo of Flutie Fellow marathon runner Kyle Grossman after crossing the Finish Line. He was the first runner for Dougie’s Team to cross!

32-year-old Leonard Korir of Colorado Springs, Colorado, became the first American to win the Falmouth Road Race since 1988. Korir won in 32:11, beating four-time Falmouth champion Stephen Sambu and Edward Cheserek, who finished second and third, respectively.

Winner Korir_small.jpg
I captured 32-year-old Leonard Korir of Colorado Springs, Colorado, the first American to win the Falmouth Road Race since 1988.

Shortly after the race had ended, my parents and I walked over to the ball field across the street. We met up with Andrew and his father Ken, and Kyle and his parents at home plate. Here I took pictures of Kyle being interviewed by Andrew, who was performing his job as a talented sportscaster. So it’s a good thing for me I photographed two famous people! It was such a fun day, and it felt like a miracle to photograph this event, because looking up at Andrew while being interviewed made me feel like I was a celebrity on TV!

Me photographing Andrew interviewing Kyle after the race.

On the ball field and on the beach, I was able to photograph a couple more runners from Dougie’s Team.

Andrew interviewing Dougie’s Team member Caitlyn Carter, who ran the race to honor her son who was recently diagnosed with autism.

The Falmouth Road Race was the first time all three Flutie Fellows got to meet each other and be together in person. It was really great collaborating with everyone and meeting their fantastic families! I look forward to doing it again soon!

Ken_Andrew beach.JPG
Portrait of Andrew and his Dad, Ken Roberts on the beach.
Flutie Fellows.jpg
Flutie Fellows Connor Thompson, Kyle Grossman and Andrew Roberts.
Dougie’s Team runner Jeremy is all smiles after finishing the race! 
American flag.JPG
American flag with sun flare hanging at the Finish Line.


Sun flare Photos

Just last week, our class took a trip to the fort river walking trail in Hadley. We experienced a new way of photographing: Sun flare photo shooting. When you point your lens directly at the sun, it creates a solar reflective flare as you can see here in my images from the trip. Enjoy the photos in the slideshow below.

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